Thursday, August 1, 2013 Product Review and Giveaway for a FREE 8x10 Canvas!

I was asked to review product from EasyCanvasPrints.Com and was super thrilled because we had just gotten our family photos taken and I was dying to get a family photo up in our living room. See we have lived in our home for 5 years now and I have yet to print a professional family photo and display it. So, first off, this opportunity was an answer to my prayers! Easy Canvas Prints is an online printing service where you can take any photo and turn it into a ‘gallery quality wrapped and framed canvas.’ I don’t love framed so I just stuck with the canvas for now. Although they do have two options for canvas width; a .75” standard wrap or a 1.5” gallery wrap. I would have loved the gallery wrap but went with the standard because I love the option to frame. I might change my mind later and I love the versatility of options for me in the future. I had the option of a 16x20 or an upgrade and since I love options I opted to upgrade to the 18x24 because bigger is better right? And I am so glad I did! I did two 18x24” canvas.
The online design process was super simple which was nice because it was quick and when you have two babies demanding attention you don’t have a lot of time. Every design choice was a simple click. I picked my size; I picked my width and then moved on to the next page. My favorite was the image to the right with a couch, its dimensions and the size of canvas you just chose above it. That was extremely helpful in visualizing what size you are ordering and in comparison to your sofa. Next step: Uploading. It only took a quick second. Maybe 31 to be exact. Another super cool feature was the Facbook or Instagram icons allowing you to upload photos straight from your accounts. I do a TON of Instagraming so for me that was a huge plus for future printing. There is a ‘check your quality of photo’ feature where it tells you whether your photo is poor, fair, or good. Since I was using professional quality photos mine were checked with a ‘good’ so I didn’t have to worry about the image quality at all! To the right of the photo is an ‘Image size’ feature where you can ‘zoom’ making your photo subject larger on the canvas size. I liked this feature and used it because even though my photo was amazing I love to be able to see my face and my children’s faces so I did ‘zoom’ a little to eliminate some of the background and fill the canvas with more of my beautiful family. Below the photo preview were a few options in case you needed them; A ‘start over’ click, an ‘edit size’ click, a ‘design’ click (where we are during the process), and a ‘proof’ click. The ‘proof’ click was great because it allowed you to see your image with the edges so you could get a better idea of what your canvas was going to look like.

Here is where it gets tricky for me. I started out with two vertical photos but when uploaded they are automatically turned horizontal. Which was fine but the one photo was of my little family in front of this beautiful historical building and I wanted the building in the photo. Because the photo was automatically switched to horizontal I lost the building completely. There was not a vertical option to rotate the canvas that I needed and looked for. I did however go back to my photo saved on my computer and edited it to be horizontal so that my little family was sideways and then went back to upload. It uploaded on its side and looked great. I think I could have printed and hung vertical but I couldn’t proof enough to know what I was getting. In other words I didn’t feel super comfortable submitting because I was unsure of what I would get in the mail. And I’m not super risky like that. So I used the little ‘zoom’ feature to the right and eliminated the beautiful building saving only a little and filled the canvas with my beautiful little family and our most adorable faces.
I chose the standard wall hanging instead of the upgrades because I did know I wanted to hang them on the wall as opposed to displaying them on a shelf, mantle or dresser. When choosing a border option I chose the ‘Image Wrap’ but did notice when making that choice it does ‘zoom’ a little on your photo which was fine because I was all about the ‘zoom’ with the two photos that I chose. With a closer up image though where I didn’t want any ‘zoom’ I had to choose the ‘Mirror Image’ option which I don’t love so that I could keep the entire image on the front of the canvas and not on the edges. Again on this page all of the ‘clicks’ below your image are still there in case you decide you want to start over, change your canvas size or proof your design. This is where the ‘proof’ click was SUPER great. It let you see what your edges would look like in a one dimensional image as well as a two dimensional image. This is where you can see what the ‘Image Wrap’ would look like as opposed to the ‘Mirror Image’. I personally love the image wrap because it takes you beyond the image and has an aesthetic I love. The ‘Mirror Image’ for me stops the eye and it kind of gives it a more modern less traditional effect. I’m not sure what exactly it is but I don’t love it. I’m sure my husband will not even care nor notice what canvas is sporting what feature so it is not that big of a deal but I prefer the ‘Image Wrap’ and that’s all that matters. They do have more great options as far as color finishes; black and white, sepia and an optional image retouching in a minor and major which I didn't feel I needed where I was using a professional quality image so I am not sure what that entails nor do I know if I would use it. Next step: Add to cart. An option pops up to ask if you would like hanging hardware which I thought was super thoughtful but I’m into the ‘solo nail in the wall’ and didn't feel like I needed it. Last stop: enter all your information and hit ‘SUBMIT’ and wait for the golden prize from the beloved UPS man.
Let’s talk about shipping. I am not going to lie I am the QUEEN of shopping online. Amazon, Clothes, Toys, Diapers from, you name it I buy it. If groceries could be purchased and shipped online I would do it. So the simple fact that these canvas could be ordered online, in the comforts of my own home, I was doing it! Not only is shopping online amazing to me I never pass up a FREE SHIPPING option. Yes can you believe it? Both 18x24” canvas came shipped FREE in their own special box. And it was a happy happy day when I saw them leaning against the wall on my front step. Actually I was home all day and because my UPS man is such a GEM, he didn’t make a peep when delivering (so that he doesn’t wake the most sensitive to sound sleeping baby that lives here!!) and my husband spotted them when he got home from work. Each canvas was wrapped in plastic to protect it and then packaged in a box fit especially for that size. I didn't have any corners damaged or punctured cardboard which could have easily happened but my UPS man is a dream and I would like to think was super careful. The time frame was amazing. I was assuming 2 to 3 weeks for delivery and almost forgot that I ordered them because sometimes the shipping wait time kills me! I was super surprised when I found out they had been delivered and was so excited I hung them that night! I ordered the canvas on Monday July 22, they shipped on Tuesday July 23 and they were on my front step Friday July 26th!! That is unbelievable and I can think of a million reasons right there why I would order again using Only a few would be super quick birthday presents, baby shower presents, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, father’s day, mother’s day and on and on and on!

My initial reaction when I opened the grain field canvas was I wanted to cry I loved it so much and then I opened the next one. And this has nothing to do with The second photo I printed because I loved that we were all looking at the camera, I love love loved the building, I loved that you could see our faces and that we were all smiling, for the most part. What I didn’t love or notice when I was uploading and submitted my order is that the photo is super gray and dark. What I do remember about that day is that it was super overcast and that it had rained a little on us while we were getting our pictures taken. What I should have done is either edited it before and lightened it even just a little or asked my photographer to lighten it. I think I notice it more because it is hanging against such a light and bright photo. Also, If I hung it on a painted wall as opposed to a wood paneling wall it would brighten it up a bit. I need to order some more canvas prints and rearrange things!
Overall I loved my experience with and am super excited to proudly display my family photos in my little living room. I really think the experience is ‘easy’, it’s simple; it does exactly what it states. It’s not time consuming, it’s easy to understand and it’s easy to navigate. You get a high quality canvas in a superb time frame. They are always promoting, couponing and giving amazing deals so you are getting a great product at a great price all while saving money! is giving Summer Sariah readers a chance to win their very own 8x10" Gallery Quality Wrapped Canvas an $45 Value!!! Enter Below and Winner will be announced on the blog! a Rafflecopter giveaway Shop EasyCanvasPrints Now!! - All readers/giveaway entrants will receive a 60% off coupon!! (coupon will be emailed to you when you enter giveaway) Disclosure: I received samples for the purpose of this review however all thoughts remain my own. Photos taken by Liz Stephens Photography

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Family Reunion in Lava Hot Springs July 29th -30th 2013

Although I love my family and Lava and I love spending some quality time with them I hate the feeling of two babies running around free next to that river! We had a ball though and Parker for the most part was kept strapped in his stroller and I didn’t dare take my eyes off of Jemma. We ate, we swam, we ran, we played in the dirt, eggs in the grass and had a grand old time. On the way over we stopped at costco and got Jemma a booster and Parker graduated from ‘baby’ car seat to ‘big boy’ car seat and LOVED it! So glad I made the move. Although I am kind of sad about not being able to take him into a store strapped in his seat anymore… this could get dangerous!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Family Photos June 2013

I loved them all but these are the top favorites! I cant wait to get them printed!!
Photos taken by Liz Stephens Photography

Newest Sponsor - Easy Canvas Prints

I'm super excited about a new find - Easy Canvas Prints!!! So many options and so many fun things. I cant wait to share more!

Give the gift of canvas

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jemmas 2 and Mini Photo Shoot


{{{This is going to be so fun! Amy is amazing and we have such awesome props to work with. Tractors, Trucks and Heavy Machinery located on Prime Farm Ground. We have some great new props and backdrops perfect for girls of all ages!}}}

(Ages Newborns to Teens)
with Amy Nielson Photography and Summer Sweets Hair Accessories!

WHEN Saturday June 16, 2012 from 11 AM - 7 PM
WHERE – 949 S 400 W Burley ID

PRICE: $20
Your 10-15 minute Outdoor Mini-Session includes:
3-4 pictures
Facebook Photo Contest entry

Please call, text or Facebook message Summer at 208.431.9215 or (SPOTS FILL UP FAST!!) –

Winner of the Facebook Photo Contest will receive a FREE INDIVIDUAL photo session ($75 value) or $50 dollars off a family session with Amy Nielson Photography and $50 Summer Sweets gift card!

Session will be 10 - 15 minutes and must be scheduled. Session includes 3 to 4 pictures per INDIVIDUAL. No more than ONE INDIVIDUAL per session. If individual is 10 minutes late, your session will be skipped and you will be moved to the next opening or rescheduled for another time.

Your high resolution pictures will be emailed to you. Please provide valid email address when registering.

Contest -There will be 2 contests. Glamour Girl and Mini Men. You are not required to participate. Please specify when registering. You will be emailed the Facebook photo link where you can send to friends and family. The photo with the most votes will win the individual photo session {$75 value} and a $50 Summer Sweets gift card. Contest will run from Monday July 9th @ 12:00am - Sunday July 15th @ 11:59pm. Winner will be announced Monday July 16th on Facebook and will be contacted using information given when registered.

Cash, Check or Credit Cards accepted!
Giftcard and Photo session Expire September 30th 2012.

{{Details subject to editing}}

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

District Track. May 12, 2011

Faith is such a poser!

Jemma was hot and had to have her very first sucker! o how I hate suckers!!!

The girls won! 

O the happy Family!